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Ten Mile Protection Network is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to keeping the public better informed about their rights and the impact of longwall mining. When subsidence due to longwall mining occurs, the result is often irreparable damage to water supplies, homes, lifestyles, and communities.

CONSOL Energy has been granted a permit to expand their Eighty Four Mine activities to 7,000 acres under portions of Amwell, West Bethlehem, and North Bethlehem Townships.

The Ten Mile Protection Network (TMPN) has arranged several public meetings in an effort to educate community members about the difficulties that lie ahead. TMPN has organized discussion groups, letter writing sessions, map viewings, and screened a documentary film on longwall mining, entitled Subsided Ground... Fallen Futures The Legacy of Longwall Mining in Southwestern Pennsylvania. You may have attended or read about some of these events in the local newspapers. We have also arranged to have this VHS film reformatted to a DVD format which is now available for $6.00.

TMPN has been very active over the last four years. Through the press and community involvement, we have created more awareness and brought the issues surrounding longwall mining into the open. You are invited to become a member of the Ten Mile Protection Network. It will be difficult to move forward without your support. Please support the organization and your community by downloading and completing the membership form below, and returning it with payment made to Ten Mile Protection Network.

Perhaps some of you are apprehensive about getting involved. Please be assured that the more aware you are about the issues concerning longwall mining, the easier it will be to make informed decisions that will affect your future. Your contribution will assist in a variety of ways from documenting existing water sources to spreading the word about the issues surrounding longwall mining.

All of us at Ten Mile Protection Network look forward to meeting and working with you in the future. Together we can make a difference, but only with your help.

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